Preventative Dentistry in Waukesha, WI

Is Preventative Dentistry Really Worth It?

Preventative dentistry includes dental care that helps to maintain great oral hygiene and health. This type of prevention is recommended for children and adults alike to keep their smiles happy and their self-confidence high. If you've done any research looking for a preventative dentist near me, you've likely learned that one extremely important part of this practice is bi-annual dental cleanings.


Preventative Dental Care Cleanings

Kraklow Family Dentistry in Waukesha, WI offers preventative dental care cleanings for all patients. During a cleaning appointment, Dr. Kraklow will use specialized equipment to remove plaque build-up that can't be reached by traditional brushing and flossing alone. She'll also examine your teeth and take x-rays to see if there are any developing issues that need to be addressed.

By undergoing regular dental cleanings, you gain the advantage of being alerted of issues when they're first developing. These are typically easier and much less invasive to treat than dental problems that have been left go for too long. Think of simply filling a cavity as opposed to letting it get so bad that you need to have your entire tooth removed.


Why Are Preventative Dental Care Cleanings Necessary?

Undergoing preventative dentistry by Dr. Donna Kraklow is necessary to help maintain the integrity of your teeth. With regular dental cleanings, she'll be able to remove the plaque that can lead to tooth infections, bad breath, and enamel staining. These visits also allow you to see if your at-home oral hygiene habits are effective at maintaining great oral health.


Preventative Dentistry for Children

Children are at a much higher risk for developing oral health issues as they transition from their baby teeth to their adult teeth. It's extremely vital that they undergo regular preventative dentistry appointments with Dr. Donna Kraklow to ensure that any problems developing with their teeth are addressed quickly.

She'll be able to inform you if your child suffers from oral developmental problems, crowding, cavities, and other oral health-related issues. Regular visits also help to establish oral health credibility in the eyes of your children. This good oral health habit will become engrained in their regular routines, and your children will be more likely to maintain these dental health visits as they grow into adults.


Finding a Preventative Dentist Near Me

Don't waste any of your time searching online for a preventative dentist near me. Rather, contact Dr. Donna Kraklow today to set up your next dental cleaning!