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We have wonderful patients at Kraklow Family Dentistry. Many of them have asked to have their testimonials included on our website. We are proud to have you read them.

My wife and I are new patients of Donna Kraklow and her practice.  We approached Kraklow Dentistry in hopes to get a treatment plan in place for my wife who has a medical condition.  Donna came up with a comprehensive plan to repair and fix the issues she had found during her exam with utmost professionalism.  She was patient and very knowledgeable!  Throughout the plan she even went the extra mile to check in with us to see how things were going!  The whole team at Kraklow Dentistry make you feel like family and are very sensitive to every detail.  Mary Jane is an absolute whiz when it comes to any insurance questions you may have.  Denise is very professional yet makes you feel at ease while you are in the chair.  My whole family uses Kraklow now.  We will never go anywhere else!!!

Kevin & Kristina H

Kraklow Family Dentistry is highly professional in all areas of their dental practice. During the COVID-19 pandemic this dental practice took every possible precaution to ensure the safety of their patients and staff. Every staff member is so caring and always shows such patience with any concern a patient might have.

Mary Jane who is the office manager is always very efficient. She is extremely knowledgeable about types of dental insurance as well as billing and is always diligent about returning calls concerning any questions.

The dental hygienist Alexis is gentle and thorough. Your teeth feel sparkling clean when she is done. She is very exact and makes sure everything is always perfect. She is kind and caring.

Dr. Donna is such an accomplished dentist. She is an absolute perfectionist with the precision and skill of a surgeon. When she places a crown, the color is beautifully matched to the color of your teeth. She is concerned about personal confidence in your smile and makes it the absolute best that it can be! There has never been any concerning issue whatsoever regarding any procedure that she has ever done for me or a family member. She is a very considerate dentist in every way. Denise who assists her in procedures is so kind and makes certain of your comfort level at every stage of a procedure.

My family and I have tried several other dentists in the past and we are now happy at Kraklow Family Dentistry.

I would never consider going anywhere else.

Claudia R.

Greetings, Dr. Donna, Denise, and lab technician David,
I would like to express my deepest appreciation to all of you for my beautiful new smile. I have gained greater personal confidence because I am less self conscious of my smile. In the beginning I was very apprehensive about having the procedure done because my family dentist of 20 years believed that crowns or caps needed to be very rounded. I felt that the rounded barrel look should only pertain to the chicklets gum pieces and not my front teeth. My opinion of what a cap or crown should look like was very different from my family dentist. I‘ve worked in the design field for 35 years observing colors, textures, and personal preferences. I believe everything on our bodies create a persona of who we are. I observed that fingernails are not flat they have vertical lines, ridges, turned up ends, and in some cases pits. Teeth are also similar. Some of us have vertical lines, some have gaps, some have irregular surfaces. Thanks to Dr. Donna and her outstanding lab technician David they created a very natural set of front caps. I have had several clients, who I work with regularly, ask me who the dentist was that created such a great looking natural appearance of my newly capped front teeth. I’m more than thrilled with the final results. Thank you all Kraklow Family Dental, and special thanks to Dr. Donna who listens and truly understands her calling in life.


Hi Dr. Donna,

Thanks again for taking me back into your dental practice. Knowing how long it had been since I had taken proper care of my teeth and the scary diagnosis of periodontal disease provided by the Appleton dentist, I entered your practice several weeks ago feeling shame and fear at what was in store. Then, walking into Debbie’s exam room all my trepidation evaporated.

Debbie and Dr. Donna both greeted me with warmth and positivity. With their kind, caring support my teeth were cleaned and examined quickly and thoroughly. I remained relaxed and calm during the procedure. Dr. Donna’s explanation of the state of my teeth and my options for treatment assured me that I was right to return in spite of my three hour drive one-way.


About a week later I returned and had root scaling done. My treatment plan is now in progress and my fears are gone I am looking forward to seeing Debbie and Dr. Donna as we continue my treatment.

Let’s face it, you have me spoiled, Dr. Donna! My search for dental services near me never had a chance of success once I finally realized there was only one dentist I trusted…you.

Kate W.

My name is Bill and I am very grateful for the skill and professional work that was performed on the bridge that was built and inserted by Kraklow Family Dentistry. The previous dentist that I was seeing did not know how to handle my very complicated and painful needs. After several appointments, I felt I was being charged too much and there was no guaranty with the work. So, I decided to ask my TMJ doctor, Dr. McDaniel, to recommend a better dentist. He said to go to Kraklow Family Dentistry because he felt they were the best in the business. I did so and was more satisfied with the cost, time to do the work, and excellent job on my bite guard and X-rays. Dr. Kraklow's diagnosis was researched out well. From the time they began the job until the end, they were polite, handled it in a timely manner, used perfect teamwork and finished quite quickly.


Dear Dr. Donna, Who says grandpas can't be sexy? "NOT GRANDMAS" thanks to you Dr. Donna my husband came home with beautiful lightened crowns on the top front four. It straightened his bite and he looks more handsome than ever!! We feel like we are 25 again ( and we can't even remember that far back)!! Thanks so much Dr. Donna for the terrific new look.

Grandma C.

My experiences with Dr’s Tom and Donna Kraklow started with a broken molar on a Sunday. I contacted Dr. Donna looking for advice since I did not have a personal dentist at the time. She met me at the closed facility to evaluate the break and to smooth off the sharp part that was cutting into me. She then set up an appointment for Dr. Tom to fix the broken tooth.

They handled my situation with more respect than I have handled their profession over the last 23 years. The entire staff is helpful and wonderful to deal with and with their encouragement, my teeth and gum health continues to improve.

Whether you are a regular or you’ve waited 23 years, I strongly recommend Dr.’s Tom and Donna Kraklow and Kraklow Family Dentistry.


Although I am very pleased with the final cosmetic appearance, what convinced me to make the investment and put my trust in Kraklow Dentistry was Dr. Tom and his staff's personal assurances that it was their goal to ensure I would be satisfied with the final result.


"I like Dr. Donna, my husband likes Dr. Tom"

After over 20 years of dental service our family dentist retired. He served us well and took care of our daughters during their growing years. We were in a quandary looking for a new dentist.

It has been about fours years now that we have been with Kraklow Family Dentistry and through their recommendations I have had cosmetic braces (a bucket list thing) and Harry had a much overdue bridge implanted. At our senior ages of over 65 we feel our teeth are in the best condition and are confident the Kraklows will keep them there.

Barb N.

I'm an older patient and had to have a couple of front teeth replaced because of an injury when I was younger. Time took it's toll on the bridge and I had to have it replaced. Dr. Donna suggested I whiten my teeth and add another tooth to the bridge in order to straighten my bite. I have to admit - I fought the procedure thinking - I'm fine with this look and I didn't need any "cosmetic" changes. Well, I gave in and believe me - Dr. Donna was right. It looks so beautiful that I actually want to stop strangers and say "Don't I look beautiful?" I'm sorry for resisting your suggestion Dr. Donna. Thank you for your patience and encouragement and for making me smile more! I love it!

Barb A.

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